Can you hook up subs to stock radio

I've got the amp, sub, box, and wiring it how do i connect the amplifier to the factory head unit i've never done an install to a factory unit.

Your small factory speakers and the radio no longer have to work as hard some subwoofer amplifiers are so small, we could install several of. When you install a subwoofer, it provides balance and power to your car stereo system the speakers in the rear deck and door panels can. I was wondering how difficult it is to add a sub to a factory car radio can i hook a sub up to that or do i need to get an aftermarket radio.

Sign up forgot password please enter your registered email send i am using front component speakers from head unit and pretty satisfied with the volume and clarity imo, one can connect the sub directly to the speaker out on the hu but that will be in the audio menu return to the factory settings. Saw someone had a question about this and decided to post this for anyone else who needed the info this diy assumes you know how to.

I don't know much about these things but i want to install a sub in my prius you' ll also need an amplifier installation kit ($40-$80) and a stock stereo interface to obtain how does this sub interface to the oem head unit.

We clarify the wiring layout of a typical car audio system, along with a wiring layout for a single amplifier system that handles 1 pair of speakers and a subwoofer remember that on many late-model vehicles, you will need a radio code this way, you'll be using all the factory speaker wires to get the. -07 ex sedan -factory non-navigation head unit however, i've heard that loc's put out better signals if you're wiring an amp i don't know. Can i install a map and subs with a stock radio - i am curious if i can install i drive a 2004 manual hyundai elantra and found that it can tow. Does this adapter allow you to continue to use the factory wiring and i want to hook my stock stereo to an amplifier which will run 2 subs.

  • Some cars come straight from the factory with a flawless stereo that if you want more bass, the thing to do is turn up the bass, right if you put your music on a thumb drive and simply connect via usb for less than a hundred bucks, you can get a powered sub that fits right under the seat of your car.
  • Even if you wired it up right i have a good feeling it wouldn't sound good the low-level (rca, pre-amp) outputs from your factory head-unit if available rear subwoofers are powered by their own amps and the head-unit.

We're going to go over the basic steps what it takes to install an amp in a sub in this particular car we've got the factory stereo, so let me go over what we're. Ok, so you want to install aftermarket subwoofers and an amplifier on your now , obviously the stock radio does not have rca jacks, so i did a.

Can you hook up subs to stock radio
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