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But thanks in no small measure to mass muslim immigration, the details of what exactly went on in cologne and other german cities on new. More than 1,200 women were sexually assaulted in german cities on new year's eve, including more than 600 in cologne and about 400 in. The last time there was a festival in cologne, it was new year's eve a leaflet campaign teaching muslim migrants to just say “no” to the rape. Beatrix von storch of the nationalist alternative for germany party (afd) accused police in cologne of seeking to “appease” muslim migrants. And, if so, how nina haase and sumi somaskanda visited the region surrounding cologne, which has a large muslim population, to find out.

One of germany's most famous landmarks, cologne cathedral, will be plunged into darkness on monday evening in protest at a march by a. Why should muslims wear perfume oils instead of traditional cologne firstly, alcohol free fragrances are more pleasant whereas alcohol based scents have a . After the events of new year's eve in cologne on dec isolated cases and that refugees, mostly muslims, represent a real threat to women. An eyewitness account by ivan jurcevic, a hotel club bouncer, about what happened on 31st of december 2015 in front of the cologne.

That authorities will deploy 1500 police officers in cologne on new political islam continues to pose a big threat, says dw's shamil shams. Roving packs of men sexually assaulted dozens of women in the german city of cologne on new year's eve. It was only days later that officials reported that hundreds of women were victims of assault in cologne, hamburg and other german cities. Policemen patrol on new year's eve at the cologne cathedral and main train station in germany, on december 31, 2016 (patrik stollarz/afp. Germany toughens its rape laws in the wake of cologne new over 30 percent of the population were migrants and 120,000 were muslim.

“the islamists have not only stirred up misogyny among young muslim men towards women over recent years and decades, but i am also. A massive anti-terrorist march organized by muslim activists is to take place in the german city of cologne however, the turkish-islamic union. Europe-wide, that view of western women among immigrant muslim the advice of those who, like cologne mayor henriette reke, suggested. Cologne's mayor calls crisis talks with police after about 80 women debate on immigration and marches by the anti-islam pegida movement. Travelers can find all kinds of stores selling jewellery, clothes and much more find popular, modern, indoor shopping malls in cologne it is home to a wide.

Is cologne a good travel destination for muslims a comprehensive review of cologne for muslimscan you find halal food. Response to mob sex attacks in cologne, the nation's justice minister that saw more than 1 million migrants, mostly from muslim countries,. Anti-islam protest members of patriotic europeans against the islamisation of the west (pegida) take part in a rally in leipzig, germany. As many as 10000 muslims are set to protest in a rally against extremism in cologne on saturday the protest comes in the wake of recent.

The events on new year's eve in cologne have sparked a debate – often a confused and inaccurate one – over the perpetrators of the attacks,. Dramatic footage from the new year's eve sex attacks in cologne capture just how helpless police were is it a muslim thing being a nonse. During the 2015/2016 new year's eve celebrations, there were mass sexual assaults, 24 rapes it was speculated that the assaults in cologne were organized ensued as to how to deal with a large influx of young, mostly muslim men from cultures where women lack the freedoms and protections they enjoy in the west. The rash of rapes by muslim men in cologne on new year's eve follows an established blueprint for conquering the west through aggressive.

Beatrix von storch's tweet calling muslim men 'barbaric' backed up by afd after one of them accused cologne police who had tweeted a new. Why feminism failed cologne's women while non-muslim women captured in the house of war could be raped by muslim jihadis at will. Carolina center for the study of the middle east and muslim civilizations university of cologne institute of middle eastern and southeast.

Cologne muslim
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